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Limoverse is the ultimate universe where You rule your health journey! Explore personalized health data with geno-metabolic analysis and nifty quantified self tools. It's wellness, reinvented—fun, rewarding, and all about YOU! Fun and rewards fuel behavior change, making staying fit a thrilling adventure through AR/XR gamification. Have a blast with gamified fitness, and access global practitioners and integrated solutions for the fittest version of you!



Transform workouts with our AI Coach! Access anytime, anywhere via smartphone camera. Get custom plans, real-time guidance, and effortless progress tracking. Instant feedback, motivation, and form correction. Precision guidance through every exercise.



Sync your wearable device, and let our AI provide you with insights and suggestions to maintain your fitness and well-being.



Get coached by ____, our AI fitness coach.  Get your exercises personalized including posture correction.



Sync your wearable device, and let our AI provide you with insights and suggestions to maintain your fitness and well-being.


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Move 2 Earn

Get started by downloading the Limoverse app and activating the program with your NFT purchase. Every step you take converts into Limo tokens, rewarded to you daily.


Link your wearable to the Limoverse app and kickstart your workouts. Earn Limo tokens based on the calories burned during your exercise sessions.


MODIFi offers users the ability to select and connect with a Health Coach aligned with their health objectives. The platform facilitates the entire coaching journey, from a complimentary consultation to ongoing action monitoring. It's the first integrated platform of its kind in health coaching.   Moreover, by integrating wearables and biohacking devices, MODIFi allows coaches to continuously monitor and guide clients.


Discover and enroll in wellness courses led by globally renowned practitioners. Following a course, users can opt for personalized coaching sessions with the practitioner. CREATFi, a $100 billion industry, is rapidly expanding with over 50 million participants, leveraging digital opportunities for content creation and online presence.


Limoverse prioritizes your privacy and security by utilizing blockchain technology. Unlike traditional diagnostic labs that profit from selling your health data, here you have the opportunity to monetize your own data. Take control of your health journey while safeguarding your valuable information.


By 2030, the Global Healthcare Gamification Market is projected to exceed 10 Billion USD. Limoverse embraces this trend by making health improvement enjoyable through engaging games.

With our powerful gamification platform, deploy your Avatar, play games, and amass a fortune of Limos while enhancing your well-being!


Step into the future of health with Limoverse! With the global healthcare gamification market projected to exceed 10 Billion USD by 2030, we're revolutionizing well-being through immersive games.

Create your avatar, earn Limos, and embark on virtual adventures like Sooryanamaskaram on the beach, meditation in the Himalayas, and trekking in the Amazon forests using VR/AR/XR in the Metaverse. Join us for an unforgettable journey!


In Limoverse, we're pioneering the integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into the realm of health and wellness. With NFTs, users can access exclusive content, personalized coaching sessions, and unique digital experiences tailored to their health goals. By purchasing NFTs on our platform, users unlock a world of possibilities, from virtual fitness classes to personalized wellness programs.

Each NFT represents a piece of the user's health journey, making it both valuable and meaningful. Join Limoverse today to explore the exciting intersection of NFTs and holistic well-being, where your health becomes an asset worth investing in.

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