Do you know that the world economy is highly influenced by Creators or Influencers? CREATFi is already a $100billion dollar industry, explosively growing as digital possibilities are becoming limitless. More than 50 million people are already part of this industry. They are creating contents and try to make a presence in the digital world. Unfortunately only lesser than 5% of the Creators are making good income. Moreover, they need to depend on centralized platforms like Youtube or FB or Insta or Linkedin to deliver. These platforms keep on changing their rules and many creators have lost their accounts with thousands of followers, without even getting a notice from the platform.

Creator Economy
Project Launch
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Creator Economy

The Project

How to Participate in the Creator Pool?

Limoverse is the First Ever CREATFi platform in the health & wellness. You can create and release your contents (videos/blogs etc) on the Limoverse Platform and start earning LIMOs based on the Impact Factor of the content in transforming the lives of other people. People who are Impacted are the ones who assess the Impact Factor and based on that you would be earning LIMOs everyday from the Creator Pool

How to Participate in the Creator Pool
The Whealth Journey


An economy becomes powerful when the people who are part of that economy gets involved in economic activities and the currency (instrument for transaction) gains higher velocity. Limoverse provides a complete Start Up & Scale Up ecosystem for the creators to Create - Launch - Marketautomate - Earn