The Whealth Project

Project Snapshot

Have you ever got paid for working out? If not, welcome to this new world…. ‘Health is Wealth’ is an old proverb. Even after knowing this, how many of us are disciplined to create this wealth? Because we have other priorities in life. Our priority is always exploring ways to create wealth through our business or profession.

Here we compromise of Health. How about your ‘Health’ becomes a bread winner for you? How about you keep on getting your LIMOs every day, just by staying fit.

The Whealth Project


The Whealth Project

How can I Participate?

Open Limoverse app, click on “Join HealthFi”, buy your favourite sneaker NFT from the in-app marketplace and participate in Walk/Jog/Run. Depending on the activity, you would be gaining points. Every 24 hours your wallet will be loaded with LIMOs based on the points you earned.

Now you understand, how you can create a Fitter, Stronger, Slimmer, Smarter, Healthier to you and in the process you become Wealthier too.

Join the HEALTHFI Project right now and start counting your LIMOs.

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How to
move & earn

You can be richer as you become fitter. Buy your sneaker NFT and start walking/jogging/running, earn points and convert those points into LIMO tokens. It is fun making money!!!

Game Rules