The MODIFI Project

Earn everyday by committing to modify your lifestyle based on Personalized Lifestyle Modification program (EPLIMO), supported by a Lifestyle coach.

The Whealth Project
Project Launch
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The Whealth Project

The Project

A unique project, where you become wealthier day after day, as you improve your health.

How to Participate in the MODIFI Pool?

This is an exclusive pool for only those who have done their EPLIMO.

Once you do the EPLIMO, based on the geno-metabolic assessment, you would get a detailed recommendation report, which is nothing but an operating manual for your body and mind. To implement the recommendations in your day to day life, you can take the support of a Certified Lifestyle Coach. You can earn LIMOs everyday for working on improving your own health

You need to join LIMO CLUB to participate in this project. LIMO CLUB provides you a LIMO JOURNAL and also you can choose a Certified Lifestyle Coach. The Coach supports you in implementing the Lifestyle Modifications using the LIMO JOURNAL.

How to Participate in the Whealth Pool How to Participate in the Whealth Pool
The Whealth Journey

The MODIFI Journey

World’s most exciting and rewarding journey for great health.

  • Do your Eplimo and redefine yourself
  • Be a part of our exclusive Limo Club
  • Choose a Limo Coach
  • Get your Limo Journal activated with the help of the Coach
  • Set 3 exciting health goals with the help of the coach
  • Create strategies of the goals based on Eplimo
  • Everyday get rewarded with LIMOs from the Modify pool for the activities as per the strategies


LIMOVERSE releases a certain number of LIMOs everyday from this pool to all the participants of the pool and LIMOs are distributed based on the points each participant gains based on their activity as per their LIMO journal.

This is direct reward for being disciplined to implement Lifestyle modifications so as to live a long, healthy and productive life.