• Problem

  • Solution

  • Problem Life expectancy is increasing; so are lifestyle diseases. People are living short and dying long.
  • Solution Knowing about diseases well in advance and modifying lifestyle to prevent or postpone diseases.
  • Problem Cost of Healthcare is on a high.
  • Solution Self-care using own health data and advanced devices to prevent diseases.
  • Problem Tough to stay motivated on following diet and fitness plans
  • Solution Getting rewarded to stay healthy, making wellness activities fun using gamification.
  • Problem Wellness is unorganized as different protocols sometimes contradict.
  • Solution An ecosystem for wellness practitioners to provide integrated wellness solutions.

What we do?

Our Value Propositions

An ecosystem which supports people to take full charge of their health using educations, tools, services, and products, so that they can live a long healthy and productive life.

People have the option to connect with wellness practitioners and institutions from around the globe.

Integrated and holistic approach, as various streams of wellness practices on one platform.

Powered by the most advanced technology for personalizing health, based on geno-metabolic analysis

Motivation to assess and store personal health data as one can generate money from own health data

Staying fit is money. Users are motivated to stay fit and healthy through powerful rewards and gamifications.

Wellness practitioners and enthusiast can earn through the powerful ‘CREATFi’ within Limoverse, where your contents will fetch whealth.

How we do it?

Limoverse provides a universe where people are empowered to take charge of their own health and well-being based on scientifically derived highly personalized health data , using advanced geno-metabolic analysis and different quantified self tools, which, one can share and get services and rewards, where behaviour changes are forced by connecting health with fun and rewards, where staying fit itself is fun and rewarding through gamifications using the AR/XR possibilities, where one can access practitioners and institutions around the globe ensuring equitable access, and avail integrated wellness solutions by accessing the personal health data which is kept in interoperable format.

Who we are

We are bunch of people led by a great futurist and metaverse evangelist Sajeev Nair. Limoverse is not a new concept, which needs to get approved in the market. Sajeev Nair along with the co-founders Adityanarayan and VP Sajeev have been successfully operating the Personalized Lifestyle Management (EPLIMO) based business since 2018 and thousands of people have been experiencing phenomenal health benefits though this Personalized Health program. Limoverse is a global health and wellness eco system built around the concept of Personalized Health.

Sajeev Nair

Founder, Longevity Researcher & Biohacker


Co-Founder, Blockchain Evangelist

VP Sajeev

Co-Founder, Technocrat & Scientist

Dr Biju KS

Medical Doctor & A Holistic Health Expert

Kenneth Joe Cleetus

Legal Officer